"Sue Neufeld-Ellis is pioneering the way of quick and easy meditations
with sonic and voice entrainment technology which helps to calm the
mind.  The sound track on her recently released CD, Serenity Through
Meditation, is done by Steven Halpern and is a wonderful contribution
to the field of therapy and stress reduction." ~ Dr. Patrick Carnes
Serenity Through Meditation is more than a CD;  it is an experience!  
With today's mass-stimulation and impersonality, the two meditations
on this CD actually allow your brain waves to move to an Alpha-Theta
state through sonic and voice entrainment technology.  You
experience a deep calming and relaxation in a non-ordinary state of
consciousness that is like a gentle place between being awake and
going to sleep.  Come join me and allow us and allow yourself to be
nurtured, cared for, revitalized and deeply relaxed.  This is a gift to
yourself and others on the pathway to healing and wholeness.  
Serenity Through Meditation is an empowering tool for every
recovery toolbox!
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