During our session together I use music that helps your brain waves relax from
the alpha state (waking - conscious) to the Beta or Theta state (relaxation
and/or a meditative state). You may also ask for no music to be played.

Research has shown that the subconscious and unconscious mind drives
80-90% of our behaviors. These two minds respond well in the Beta and/or
Theta brain wave state.

I am trained in Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotherapy which uses specifically
structured and researched metaphysical scripts or stories. These are
specifically designed to easily access the subconscious and unconscious minds
to illicit constructive and positive behavior change. Together we also create
positive affirmations and behavior-change visions to directly interject with the
hypnotherapy process.

Research also shows that a combination of indirect (metaphorical) and direct
(affirmations and visualizations) are the most powerful agents together for
change using clinical hypnotherapy.

The session includes: A progressive relaxation process; a researched
hypnotherapy trance induction; the metaphorical condition script/story with
interjected direct statement affirmations and/or visualizations; a researched
reinforcement process and a trance termination.

Many conditions may be treated. Some include: anxiety, depression, insomnia,
weight loss, smoking cessation, general habit cessations, sexual dysfunctions,
panic attacks, procrastination and releasing obstacles among many more
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