Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

“(MBRP) is a program integrating mindfulness meditation practices with
traditional relapse prevention (RP).  Traditional RP is a cognitive-behavioral
intervention designed to help prevent or manage relapse for clients following
treatment for addictive behavior problems.  MBRP is designed as an
outpatient aftercare program to support maintenance of treatment gains and
foster sustainable lifestyle for individuals in recovery. . . As the research
developed we realized that incorporating mindfulness skills, based on
principles of self-compassion and acceptance of all experiences, including
craving and urges, may be more successful than aversion approaches.

"...Mindfulness practice provides effective and skillful means for diligent,
intentional behavior change, while emphasizing kindness and flexibility.”  
Quotation from the late G. Alan Marlatt, PhD, Director of Addictive Behaviors
Research Center, University of Washington.

These practices are also applied and can be successful in dealing with other
compulsive/addictive behaviors such as food, sex, and relationship

They may also be useful for family members, particularly partners.
Such practices may be useful in dealing with anxiety, depression,
codependency, and anger management.  

Instead of automatic reactions to emotional triggers, these principles and
practices increase awareness of other choices that may be possible.

Sue was trained in mindfulness at the University of Washington. She is also a
trained meditation teacher through University of California - San Diego.
Carol the Coach - www.carolthecoach.com

April 2, 2013
Mindfulness-based relapse prevention for
those recovering from sexual addiction and
partners of sexual infidelity
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