Many forms of meditation have been successfully practiced with great results
During this time on our planet, everything moves quickly and many of us are
on overdrive much of the time.  We can get disconnected from ourselves
(body, mind & spirit) and each other.  Sometimes we find interactions,
particularly with big companies, impersonal.  Meditation offers us the ability to
"reconnect", slow down and get centered.  Other positive results may be
increased focus, concentration, mental clarity and pain management.

When first trying to meditate, some people have what is often described as
"mind chatter".  This is normal and why regular practice is so important.  
Eventually, at different points for different people, they begin to perceive and
feel differently.  They begin to experience "the fruits of their labor".  All you
need is an open heart, an open mind and a commitment to practice.

In addition to practicing alone, sometimes it is advantageous to meditate in a
group because the group energy and focus provide an expanded component.
It is also helpful, particularly in the beginning, to be accountable to the group
about practice time commitments.  As well, it provides a place to hear others'
experiences, ask questions and receive support or offer it.
Sue provides individual meditation instruction as well as facilitating groups in
Seattle, Washington.  She will travel to other areas to teach intensives and
support other professionals in establishing their own groups within their
healthcare/healing practices and/or in the community.

She is currently developing a complete meditation program for purchase as
well as consultation.

Check out the other workshops and classes she teaches.
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