Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can have a profound affect on the behavior of people. Some
of these behaviors can lead people into a state of feeling "out of control".
There is a "garden variety" of sex addiciton behaviors, some of which
include; pornography, masterbation, multiple heterosexual/homosexual
relationships, frequenting massage parlours, strip clubs, adult video shops,
prostitutes, voyeurism, exposition, indecent phone calls, and phone sex
(900 lines), chat rooms, webcam sex, electronic device porn apps, just to
name a few.

Here are some indicators that one may observe to determine the possibility
of addicted behavior;

* Trying to stop a behavior and not being able to.
* Continueing the behavior despite destructive and/or undesirable
* Having the behavior or results of the behaviors gravely and destructively
affecting magor areas of life such as relationships, work, school, health,
family, finances and/or involved in illegal or the legal system.
* Consistantly hiding and/or being secret about the behavior from others.
You may be saying to yourself: "how can sex be addictive? Everything
seems to be an addiction these days!"

Well, sex addiction is called a "process addiction" which means one
becomes addicted to their own chemicals which are morphine-like
substances manufactured in the brain called endorphines and enkeflins.
These substances decrease stress and emotional pain. There is an
addictive cycle which starts with preoccupation or fantasy and ends in the
behavior and unmanageability to stop and/or feelings of guilt and shame,
although some people may not be aware of the feelings.

There is help in stopping these behaviors if it is interfering in the quality of
one's life.
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