"Sue Neufeld-Ellis is pioneering the way of quick and easy meditations with sonic and
voice entrainment technology which helps to calm the mind.  The sound track on her
recently released CD, Serenity Through Meditation, is done by Steven Halpern and is a
wonderful contribution to the field of therapy and stress reduction."

Dr. Patrick Carnes

"I found Sue's Serenity Through Meditation CD to be extremely soothing and centering.  
The music and knowledgable meditation has been an efficient and powerfully effective
method for entering into the contemplative and unseen real."

Gino Vaccaro,Psy.D  CSAT
Clinical Psychologist   Peonie, Illinois

"I bought the CD for my 6 year old Autistic son who has never slept fully through the night.
Now,for the first time in his life, he does listening to the CD."


"I received Sue's meditation CD last week and all I can say is BRAVO! She did an amazing
job. I LOVE listening to it and I've been recommending it to all of my clients!"

Nancy Smith, LCSW  CSAT
Chicago, Illinois

"My 4 year old was the first to listen to the CD and she illuminated my path. She said that
when she felt all "wobbly" inside the CD helped her feel calm."

N. Roth, Issaquah,WA

"Sues' CD is the best meditation CD that I have ever heard.  Even my 5 year old son
listens and relaxes while following the instructions by Sue, which puts him into a more
centered place."

Jason Valenti, Bellingham, WA

"Sues' meditation CD is a wonderfully complete package.  No timer or arranging necessary
to enjoy these two 30 mimute meditations."

S.C.P., Redmond, WA

"Each time I listen to the CD I have experienced spiritual, emotional, mental and physical
healing through the nurturing symbiosis of words and music. A powerful 'must' for
centering; quieting; and connecting to my internal knowing."

Terra Stephens, Bothell, WA

“One day I, unexpectedly, walked into my bedroom where Sue’s CD was playing. My 3 year
old therapy trained Wheaton Terrier dog was un-typically, closely, facing the CD player.
He was attuned, alert and listening. I recommend this CD to any of my clients who want to
learn how to meditate and relax.”

Kate Casey, MH, LMHC- Bellevue, WA.

Several minutes after I began "Serenity Through Meditation," my six-
year-old twins, who'd been playing games nearby, stopped their  
activities and joined me on the couch. To my delight and surprise,  
they sat on either side of me, meditating along with me. We sat  
together peacefully for a half hour. Both girls even asked me to play  
the recording for them again the following morning. Sue Neufeld-
Ellis's soothing, melodic voice drew them in and inspired all of us.  
One of my little girl's spoke of seeing an angel with flapping wings.  
Her sister told me of a journey she had to a special place full of  
friendly animals. There's something very special about Sue's  
recording. It's suffused with a sweet energy. I feel very lucky and  
grateful that I happened to play the recording while my children were  
in the room because now they regularly sit with me. Even at their  
young age, they have begun a meditation practice that I hope will  
become a life-long practice.

K.K.-Seattle, WA.


“ I listen to Sue’s CD every night when I go to sleep. My cat, without fail, lays on my
stomach whenever I listen to it. I’m convinced she receives the benefit as well.”

“anonymous listener”
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